• 31.12.2014

    Thank you so much 2014 for a year full of emotion, amazingness and for all I have learned from you. You totally changed my life. It has been a wonderful time but it's time to say bye, and give the chance to 2015 to show the surprises it has prepared. Good bye and thanks for all!
  • 07.12.2014

    Life is beastly and wonderfully wild!! Bruc, my first son, was born today at home, without visiting any hospital, without any pressure, taking the time he needed to born. So happy and proud of my beloved A and B.
  • 20.11.2014

    A goes 36 (carrying our baby)! Happy birthday beauty!
  • 09.11.2014

    Avui és nou (today it's new/nine). Today, against the will of the Spanish Government, Catalan people express our wish of being a free country. We are not Spanish, we don't want to be Spain any more. Our language is different, our traditions are different, our way of being is different. We don't want to be in a country where the defense budget is higher than the health or education one. More than 300 years after loosing our freedom, today we decide. Today we vote to show to the rest of the world that we want to decide our future.
  • 08.10.2014

    9 years after once upon a time
  • 19.09.2014

    Today, the Parliament of Catalunya has approved a law that allows Catalan Government to place a non-binding vote on independence planned for 9 November. Meanwhile, the Spanish Government prepares to deny Catalan people our right to democracy and our right to vote.
  • 18.09.2014

    Today Scotland decides its future in an referendum agreed with the British Government. Alba gu bràth is a Scottish Gaelic phrase used to express allegiance to Scotland. Idiomatically it translates into English as Scotland forever though the literal meaning of gu bràth in Gaelic is until Judgement. As a Catalan, I coudn't be happier for the democratic opportunity that all the Scottish people have. I say Aye (yes in Scottish)!
  • 11.09.2014

    During the Siege of Barcelona in 1714, when Catalonia lost its freedom, catalan people wore black flags with the slogan "We'll live free or we'll die" to show catalans wouldn't give up in front of Spanish army. The upside-down double V in the center of the poster means Votar & Vèncer (Vote & Defeat).
  • 19.06.2014

    Phillip VI of Spain, the new king, gets his crown for the grace of God. Whitout asking spanish people if they agree or not to continue under a monarchy regime. Like we were living in the Middle Age. Hooray for 21st century democracy!
  • 18.06.2014

    Brasil World Cup 2014. Chile 2 - Spain 0. Happy about Spain out of the competition. Those players, neither no one, don't deserve such high bonus earnings. The national team of my country is not allowed to play official competitions. I can not be happy for Spain winning anything.