• 21.05.2015

    Today, Xavi Hernàndez, actual captain of FC Barcelona and the main architect of the team football style, announces he leaves Barça at the end of the season to have the chance of keep on playing. During his time with Barcelona he has won 8 'Spainish' Leagues, 6 'Spainish' Super Cups, 3 Champions Leagues, 2 'Spainish' Cups, 2 European Super Cups, 2 Club World Cups, and has chances of winning another Champions and 'Spainish' Cups. We will miss him at the middle of the field. Thanks for all dear captain!
  • 17.05.2015

    Today we won the Spanish football league!! Huge year of amazing playing style with the best team all over the world. As the hymn says: Tenim un nom, el sap tothom (we've got a name, everyone knows it)!!
  • 14.05.2015

    One of the greatest music living legend died yesterday. He was one of the greatest ones that my father made me listen to and I had the unforgettable opportunity of being in one of his shows, in the amazing scenario of Poble Espanyol, in Barcelona. Lucille, his also legendary guitar, was left alone and today is playing the most sad of the blues. The king is gone. Sleep well.
  • 07.05.2015

    In his first three weeks of kindergarten, Bruc got a cold strike, stomach disease and conjunctivitis... Maybe they teach him self defense. #HappyMonthDay
  • 04.05.2015

    May the 4th be with Bruc
  • 03.05.2015

    Daddy went 61! Felicidades papá!!
  • 23.04.2015

    Today is Sant Jordi, patron saint and lovers day in Catalunya. It's our tradition to give a rose to the beloved women in our lives (mothers, sisters, girldfriends...) and they gives us back a book.
  • 13.04.2015

    I'm a Barcelona supporter, I like football, but I have no interest in World Cup at all! The only thing what I am waiting on every World Cup is when will Spain be sent back home. Yesterday, Eric Cantona, one of my favorite players since I was a child, was speaking ahead of the Laureus Sports Awards, which take place in Shanghai. A journalist asked him for the trophies won by Spain in past, and Cantona replied him those were won by Catalunya. He meant, and explained, that there were 10 FCBarcelona players in the team, but the sentence has open some scars in Spain and has been perfectly and happily received by catalan people!! Merci beaucoup Eric!!
  • 07.04.2015

    First family trip! We went to see the sea and the little boats to Cadaqués! #HappyMonthDay
  • 20.03.2015

    In my point of view, a spring season that begins with such an amazing thing like a solar eclipse must mean good things are coming!! Spring is here with a Solar Eclipse of the Heart (thanks Bonnie Tayler!!) :)